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RoundTable Pizza

Peter did the character design for a series of five TV commercials for RoundTable Pizza that aired on the West Coast. Take a look at the following QuickTime movies and see all of them for yourself, coasts be damned:

RoundTable Pizza ads (QuickTime)
Full (my personal favorite)
Freedom of Speech

Murry Wilson: Rock 'N' Roll Dad

An animated series fictionalizing the life of Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys)'s father, co-developed with comedian Dana Gould. You can see the episodes for a nominal fee at Icebox.com (click here), or you can see them right here (right-click and choose 'Save As' if you're on a PC; command-click if you're on a Mac):

Icebox.com (QuickTime)
Episode 1   (originally aired 23 August '01)
Episode 2   (originally aired 29 August '01)
Episode 3   (originally aired 5 September '01)
Episode 4   (originally aired 13 September '01)

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