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Alternative comix guru Peter Bagge is working on another mainstream project, a Hulk comic for Marvel called The Incorrigable Hulk. Like last year's Spidey comic, The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man, it will be created solely by Bagge with a "what if" type plot. If you're looking for a little Hulk that's not so deep and serious, this special is just what the comic doctor ordered.

[Editor's Note: Recently THE PULSE did a comprehensive two-part interview with Bagge about all most of his past projects. Before reading this interview you might want to read Part One and Part Two.]

THE PULSE: What do you like the best about putting your spin on iconic superheroes?

BAGGE: I like being able to take advantage of the publics near-universal familiarity with characters like Spider-Man and The Hulk. It saves me from having to do a lot of 'splainin'!

THE PULSE: What made you want to work on The Hulk?

BAGGE: That I was asked to! And I had what I thought was a good idea for him.

THE PULSE: What do you think sets Hulk apart from other comic characters?

BAGGE: Mainly that he's a witless, raging irresponsible lunatic (that's the version of him that I'm working with, anyway.) I also have a lot of fun making him say "ironical" things. Out of the mouth of babes and like that.

THE PULSE: What were some of the toughest parts to creating this story?

BAGGE: My first draft came to me rather easily. I'm still waiting to find out if my editors are going to make it "tough" for me or not!

THE PULSE: What did you find the most rewarding?

BAGGE: Just playing with The Hulk and Bruce Banner's personas -- which are both basically very simple, and thus easy to play with.

THE PULSE: What other projects are you working on?

BAGGE: My usual monthly contributions to REASON Magazine (http:www.reason.com) and HATE ANNUAL #4, which is due out the same month as my HULK comic.

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